What is EcoGrate?

EcoGrate is a revolutionary product, the excellent construction and engineering of it increases the heat output from the fireplace by giving up to four times more heat than the ordinary open fireplace. The EcoGrate is simply placed into the fireplace recess, it will fit into any standard 16″ or larger fireplace and the quality cast iron construction absorbs the heat from the fuel you are burning in the fire. With a normal fireplace the cold air in the room is naturally drawn towards the fire taking most of the heat up the chimney and approximately 80% of the available heat is lost up the chimney. By installing EcoGrate, the product purposefully draws in the cold air from the room, this cold air travels through the cast iron manifold and is super heated from the fuel being burned and is then emitted 6-8 times hotter back into the room. The main difference between an ordinary open fire and a fireplace which has an EcoGrate installed is the open fire only gives radiated heat, with EcoGrate you get radiated and convected heat giving you a real efficient fire!

EcoGrate Donegal

This smart grate gives huge savings on solid fuel costs and greatly reduces CO2 emissions. There are no fitting costs or expensive flue liners to be purchased. With EcoGrate the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room so no more sitting right beside the fire to get some heat! There is excellent guarantees with EcoGrate and the grate itself has a three year guarantee and designed not to burn out like ordinary grates do! The EcoGrate is a guaranteed Irish, award winning product, one of the awards was from the prestigious “Hearth & Home Show in the U.K. where it won the Alternative Fuel Appliance Of The Year Award in 2013.

EcoGrate is a registered trade mark owned by Celtic Product Development Ltd. Eco Grate is patented (utility & design). Further Patents Pending.
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