Had my Eco Grate installed last Saturday and I am extremely happy with it .i would recommend it to anyone who likes their open fire thanks to Carol and staff found everyone very helpful considering I had a thousand questions for them.

Nuala Casey


My Eco Grate arrived today.
Without overdoing loading fire grate, it just did what it advertises. Easy installation.
Anyone in Cork wishing to see how grate operates are more than welcome to visit my home to see Eco Grate operating. Even heat all around room. Have deep bay windows facing North and this area is quite warm-cosy.
Keep you all posted. Thrilled with performance on Maiden Voyage.

Mairead O’ Callaghan


Got the Eco grate… Does exactly what it says on the tin and much more…I only need to light the stove in the evening… For the hot water and rads.!!!!!!.

Sandra Enright


Love my EcoGrate, the heat you get from using so little fuel is brilliant. Only took the guys 5 minutes to put it in and I didn’t have to change my wooden surround in anyway

Christina Harringhton


The EcoGrate has saved me loads of money so far in fuel. I found that because the room heats up so quickly I didn’t need to put as much coal on the fire… and when I did add fuel, it seemed to burn much more efficiently. I love the look of it and you can really feel and see the quality of the product. I would happily recommend the EcoGrate to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective alternative to stoves (the fitting cost of adding a chimney flue alone ruled out stoves right away) and to anyone who is sick and tired of highly in-efficient open fires. Great product!

Sandra Lyons


Very good product, love it, distributes heat all around the room, would recommend in a heartbeat!

Michelle McDonagh


On an occasion in the past while purchasing a solid fuel cooker the sales person indicated that the cooker would heat twelve radiators. Of course he did not say the size of the rads he was referring to and omitted the size of the fire required to achieve this level of heat. Its not easy to sell a cold solid fuel cooker and conversely it’s not easy to sell a cold Ecograte.
However in the office of Celtic Product Development Ltd Lakeview Point, Office 7 & Unit 24D Claregalway Corporate Park Claregalway, manufacturers of the EcoGrate they cleverly have overcome the cold grate concept and built a working model in the workplace there. I went there purely to satisfy my curiosity based on an advertisement on Face book by this company.
There were three persons in the office, two of whom I spoke to, Carmel and Joe. Joe is the designer of this Ecograte and Carmel was not far behind Joe with her sales pitch.
It was so obvious, being present in the room, the temperature being generated by this new type grate. Not alone the fire in the grate, coal and wood logs, but it had a series of air manifolds running from underneath the grate and turning upwards behind and then facing outwards with a thermostatically controlled fan blowing out hot air at a level so to prevent one from holding a hand within a half metre from the outlet.
It was so hot in the office I had to take off my jacket and look around just to assure myself there was no other source of heat and there was none. I referred back to the ecograte and there was very little fuel on the grate.
Needless to say I bought one that evening and it was delivered by Joe the following Friday.
The following Sunday we lit it with smokeless coal and turf briquettes. We started with a biggish fire and within an hour we had to open the door to the kitchen and allow the heat to invade there. Now that it succeeded to heat both rooms I was satisfied that the information given by the company reps was indeed correct.
The living room size is 16 x 14 feet and the kitchen is 16 x 10 feet. House is forty years built but well insulated.
I cannot but recommend this EcoGrate to anyone who has an open fire and if anyone is considering installing a stove I would suggest you delay your decision until you have seen this piece of eco grate design and working model. You won’t regret it. I haven’t!

William Lowery


Just got in the new ECO Great fire I can’t believe how much heat that comes out of it I had gas and then a stove but the ECO Great it’s the best of them all.

Winnie Geasley


Eco grate what a great invention and so easy to operate thanks Eco grate.

Mark Flaherty


Popped into the showroom whilst in the building two weeks ago and my goodness the heat from this I really want one soon.

Christina Ridge


Really pleased with my ecograte. Got it in November 2014 and definitely a reduction in fuel usage.



Since purchasing my Eco Grate, I have been very happy with its performance. I plan on burning wood briquettes only. I like the unit, it fits and sets up so quickly and is quite easy to empty and keep clean. Burning 70KG of wood briquettes weekly, I have LESS THAN a bucket of wood ash, which goes on my garden for now 🙂
I am using the Eco Grate to comfortably heat the bottom floor (large kitchen and sitting room, 700 sq ft) of a 1300sq ft dormer semi-d. Between 18-20c with no oil heating used, for e4 a day. I can’t see myself ordering kerosene this year. In fact, I have rarely used my backup paraffin heater.
It is performing like a small stove, while having that all-important open fire radiant heat. The idea of lighting a normal open fire now just seems ridiculous. Why would you waste the fuel? If you run an open fire, then get one of these now!

Aonghus O’Brien


Having installed an EcoGrate my only regret is that it was not available 20 years ago. Due to it’s design it is…
1. Easy to get started
2. 2. Emits loads of heat spread evenly right throughout the room (you are no longer cold in the far corner of the room)
3. Saves a fortune on fuel costs

Douglas Whelan

“Just a note to let you know that I am delighted with my EcoGrate. It’s better than I ever expected – 24 degrees in my sitting room! The shops in Ennis have not heard of you – you should spread the good news”

Noirin O’ Ceallaigh, Ennis, Co. Clare

“was googling a year and was sceptical but bought it a few weeks ago and simply impressed by how it works, dramatic drop in fuel usage, in fact only tonight finished your bag of free coal you gave when I bought it from you”

Tony O’ Toole, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14


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