Terms & Conditions

Eco Grate is a technically advanced product designed and developed by Celtic Product Development Ltd. and the technical features and functionalities of this product are very much subject to the manufacturer’s discretion. We have been the official supplier of this product since its market launch in 2013 and being a customer the responsibility is completely yours to accumulate as much information possible about the product for better performance. By agreeing to purchase the product from our online store, the customers actually agree to our company terms and privacy policies.

All the products are dealt with extensive care and by experienced professionals so, no chances of unexpected damage and spoilage. If there is any, we provide convenient replacement facility as well. Our delivery personnel are not supposed to go through the installation of the product since it can be easily performed by the individuals. Here are some extended details of the company terms and conditions:

  • Eco Grate is delivered on time by the delivery personnel
  • The product is packaged well to avoid unexpected damages
  • The savings on fuel cost is subject to individual usage
  • EcoGrate comes with excellent Warranties

The warranty for this product is for five years for castings and three years for grate and electrical components from date of purchase. This product has been manufactured with care and meticulously examined before dispatch. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase date. Should a claim need to be made under this warranty please contact CPD Ltd by e-mail. The warranty covers ONLY claims for material and manufacturing defects, not for misuse
or normal wear and tear. Eco Grate is intended for domestic and commercial use only. The warranty will become void if the fitting and use instructions are not followed correctly, or the product is abused by excessive force or improper handling. Your statutory rights are not restricted in any way by this warranty.

(Please refer to Operators Manual for additional information)

EcoGrate is a registered trade mark owned by Celtic Product Development Ltd. Eco Grate is patented (utility & design). Further Patents Pending.
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