solid fuel fireplaces

Why waste the heat from your solid fuel fireplaces?

If you have had enough with normal fireplaces and all that heat going up the chimney now is the time to think differently and do something new to greatly improve the efficiency of the open fireplace in your house. Poor heat emission from the fireplace is common  with the majority of the heat being wasted but there wasn’t any effective substitute to deal with this frustrating situation until EcoGrate made its market launch in the year 2013.

This is considered as the best appliance for solid fuel fireplaces so far and the credit must go to the company that has designed and developed the product. Celtic Product Development Ltd. is behind the smart engineering of this grate and they have innovated this effective appliance for the sole purpose of improving the performance and heat emission from the fireplace.

EcoGrate Home Heating Product

This exclusive product is constructed with quality cast iron and that plays a very important role in generating more heat from the fireplace. The 12 VDC tangential fan which is thermostatically controlled,  draws in the cold air from the room, this cold air travels through the cast iron manifold and is super heated. The cast iron absorbs the heat from the fire and emits the cold air 6-8 times hotter air back into the room space plus you also get what you normally would get from the open fire which is radiated heat. Simple, by installing EcoGrate you get radiated and convected heat leading to an extremely efficient open fireplace. And if you take a look at the fuel usage of this appliance, this is even more interesting and effective.

Any standard open fireplace utilizes a very poor percentage of the available heat from the solid fuel which is burning in the fireplace. Most open fires are only 20% efficient with the remaining 80% being evicted into the outside atmosphere through the chimney as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) while installing EcoGrate will change the picture significantly. The EcoGrate uses half the amount of solid fuel that you would normally burn as the fuel is being utilized to it’s full potential and the optimum amount of heat is being kept in the room.Thus, people can save large amounts of money year after year on expensive solid fuel costs while enjoying greater warmth in the room as well.

Installing EcoGrate into the fireplace dramatically turns up the heat

Now take a look at the installation of this product. The product comes with probably the easiest method of installation ever. It fits into any standard 16” or larger fireplaces and the best part is that users don’t need to make any alteration to the original fireplace. It’s easy and it’s simple. Most people can do it by their own and they don’t need to pay any extra expenses for the services of  a qualified fitter. It takes just a few minutes to get installed into the open fireplace and when it’s not being used, people can simply remove it easily from the solid fuel fireplace.

It is simply unbelievable that so many different types of features are available with this small product and the EcoGrate keeps the room heated evenly so you don’t need to sit right beside the fireplace to enjoy the heat. So many features in just one product and installing this can change how you spend this winter entirely. Having so many beneficial attributes has won so many awards for this product and the demand of EcoGrate is really rising in the entire UK. If you are concerned about the genuineness of this product then you must know that it is already tested and approved by Gastec, UK and complies with all European Standards.