Fitting EcoGrate

The EcoGrate will fit into any standard 16″ or larger fireplace. There are no fitting costs or alterations to the existing fireplace. The EcoGrate is suitable with all types of fireplace surrounds such as wooden/marble and will not affect it in anyway as the EcoGrate projects the heat outwards into the room space. Please contact us if you are unsure the EcoGrate will fit and we can post you out a cardboard template. If the template fits into the fireplace recess then the EcoGrate will! There are no fitting costs with EcoGrate and it comes pre assembled, simply take out your old grate and the EcoGrate fits straight in!

Fitting Eco Grate


Martin Duffy Castlegar

EcoGrate is a registered trade mark owned by Celtic Product Development Ltd. Eco Grate is patented (utility & design). Further Patents Pending.
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