Customer Tips for EcoGrate

Fitting Eco Grate

Eco Grate is designed to fit into any standard 16” or larger fireplaces. Simply remove the existing grate and the Eco Grate goes straight in. If it is an 18” or larger fireplace, fire cheeks can be used to reduce any gap between the Eco Grate and the sides of the fireplace recess if desired. In most cases if there is an existing back boiler or a ripple back fireback (grooves coming out of the fireback) the Eco Grate will not fit in.

Minimum Requirements for Fitting Eco Grate:

  • Width 16”
  • Depth from fireback to the hearth 8 ¾”
  • Height 19”


There is a power point for the Eco Grate to be connected to the mains on either side of the Eco Grate. The Eco Grate runs on 12 volts (same as charging a mobile phone) and is thermostatically controlled. Once you get a good fire going the fan will automatically come on and when you let the fire die down the fan will switch itself off. There is no need to unplug the Eco Grate.

Solid Fuel

Eco Grate is a multi-fuel product, burn what you normally would burn in the fireplace. Recommended fuel to use is good quality smokeless/ordinary coal with logs, turf or briquettes to burn the coal more effectively. By installing an Eco Grate you will burn half the amount of fuel or less that you normally would burn. Start by getting a good fire going and then keep it topped up.

Cleaning Eco Grate

Please take out ashes on a daily basis, this prevents ash build up and helps protect the manifold. Take off cinder rail and remove left over embers, lift out grate, use any dry paint brush to brush remaining ash into the ash pan and brush the manifold down. Use the L shaped cleaning bar to scrape in between the manifold to prevent soot build up. If ash falls down the side of the Eco Grate you don’t have to take out the whole unit, take out the ash pan and use the cleaning bar to remove excess ash. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the fan box and if desired when the Eco Grate is not in use, simply sand down the grate and manifold and re-spray with any black stove paint to keep the Eco Grate looking new. Do not burn plastic in the Eco Grate as it will build up on the manifold preventing maximum absorption of heat from the fire.

Down Draughts

If your chimney has an existing down draught problem please consult with a HETAS approved chimney sweep. Having an “H” cowl fitted on the chimney might solve this problem.

CO2 Alarm Requirement

By law every property should have a CO alarm fitted, please find attached alarm requirement form to be signed and returned to Celtic Product Development Ltd and additional information on choosing a CO alarm if your property does not already have one installed. CO2 Please contact us for any additional information you may require

EcoGrate is a registered trade mark owned by Celtic Product Development Ltd. Eco Grate is patented (utility & design). Further Patents Pending.
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