Month: December 2015

EcoGrate Fireplace Ireland

Enjoy greater heat in the room with EcoGrate!

How about bringing some changes to your fireplace this winter? This might be pretty difficult for you if you are considering appliances like stoves, electric fires or gas and then it’s gonna be tough for you to maintain! These are expensive and at the same time are complicated too. Who else wants to pay their hard earnings on solid fuel costs and all? Better take the leap and start using EcoGrate.

Why this product? There are plenty of reasons to use this product for your open fireplace! We can start with its effectiveness.

Enjoy maximum heat with EcoGrate

This grate works absolutely perfectly for open fireplaces. This Irish made product is designed and developed by Celtic Product Development Ltd. and the engineering is absolutely superb. It is constructed with quality cast iron and functions really well. It works simply by the cast iron manifold absorbs the heat from the fuel you are burning in the fireplace. There is a 12 vdc fan which then draws in the cool air from the room, as this cool air travels through the manifold it is super heated and then emitted back into the room space 6 – 8 times hotter. So with an ordinary open fireplace you only get radiated heat but by installing an EcoGrate you get radiated and convected heat leading to a much more efficient open fireplace. However, aside from effective heat emission from the appliance, it serves various other purposes as well and the foremost one would definitely be the cost-effective nature of this appliance. It saves half the amount of solid fuel needed so the costs of solid fuel is dramatically reduced as the EcoGrate utilizes the fuel to it’s maximum potential.

A fireplace, that doesn’t have EcoGrate installed consumes lots of solid fuel and in turn provides very poor heat output, most fireplaces are only 20% efficient. The reason being that the cool air in the room naturally goes towards the fire taking all the heat up the chimney with it which is costly not only in terms of wasted heat and poor solid fuel utilization but also in terms of CO2 emissions! Thus, you can improve the performance of your open fire dramatically by putting in an EcoGrate.

If you are under the impression that this would be a difficult task to install the appliance into the fireplace then you must read further. This grate is absolutely perfect for all standard 16” or larger fireplaces and the best part is that it can be installed without making any changes or alterations to the existing fireplace. It is easily installed and can be easily removed by users if you are moving house or when it is no longer required in the Summer months. No extra charges, no extra expense. Moreover, this product complies with all European Standards. EcoGrate is approved by Gastec, UK having performed exceptionally well throughout vigorous testing.

That’s not all! There are other benefits of this product which include:
• Even heat emission into the entire room that enables you to enjoy maximum heat in every corner of the room.
• Half the amount of solid fuel consumption which greatly reduces solid fuel costs
• Easy installation and easy removal of the appliance that requires no extra charges and no technician’s help.
• This product is absolutely eco-friendly!
So, install this grate into your fireplace and see the change in the atmosphere of your house.


Enjoy increased heat emission from the fireplace with EcoGrate

Now you can greatly increase the performance of your open fireplace in an inexpensive way! You probably were looking for a way since most people realise the majority of the heat from the fuel they are burning goes up the chimney. In actual fact 80% of the heat is wasted which is extremely costly! Poor heat emission from the fireplace isn’t able to keep the sitting room warm enough even if you are piling loads of coal into the fire, these are the reasons, you should install an Eco Grate!

Now what is an EcoGrate and how does it perform?
It’s an award-winning complete unit with it’s own grate and ashpan that is designed and developed by Celtic Product Development Ltd., an Irish company. The best trait about this EcoGrate is its smart engineering. It is constructed with quality cast iron and this multiplies its performance by the use of a manifold that is put into the fireplace. Basically, the fireplace draws the cold air from the room and this is what takes the majority of the heat up the chimney. Whereas, an Eco Grate installed into the fireplace performs differently – the cold air from the room is purposefully drawn in by the 12 VDC tangential fan and this cool air travels through the cast iron manifold and is super heated from the fuel being burned in the fire and is then emitted super hot back into the room space. This surprisingly results into 6-8 times better heat emission into the room because you are now getting convected and radiated heat from the fire. An ordinary fireplace only gives radiated heat making it so much less efficient.

Improve the performance of your fireplace

Aside from that, it reduces the absorption by the chimney significantly and this increases the heat emission. When it comes to solid fuel, a fireplace that has EcoGrate installed consumes so much fuel since it is being utilized to the maximum potential of it. When you improve the fuel utilization, you certainly make good savings on fuel costs! Independent studies have proven that users can recoup the primary investment for the grate within around 6-8 months of using it.
It’s already winter and now is the best time to pay attention to the performance of the fireplace. People often opt for stoves or electric/gas fires but these are not suitable options for everyone as they can be quite costly to install and run each winter. If people are thinking of putting in a stove they might not get the heat they think or save on fuel. On the contrary, EcoGrate offers great savings on fuel costs and is definitely a real, efficient open fire. . This grate offers a nominal heat output of 4.85 kw which stands brilliant for an open fire. And the best thing about this grate is its design. You can install EcoGrate into any standard 16” or larger fireplace quite easily and without any hassle. You don’t even need to pay anything for installation. So, install this Gastec, UK approved product in your fireplace and keep warm and cosy this winter.

Fireplace Appliances

This appliance turns your fireplace into a magically effective one

Poor heat generation from the open fireplace seems to be a very common problem these days. But with EcoGrate and its superior functionality, you can combat this situation quite effectively. Those who have not yet installed this effective and revolutionary product into their fireplaces, must be getting eager to know more about its performance and utilization.

EcoGrate is an excellently constructed and engineered product by Celtic Product Development Ltd. This Irish award-winning product has literally brought revolutionary changes into the performance of an open fireplace. When the fireplace emits very poor heat then different types of fireplace appliances are used but hardly any of those are as capable as this unique product is.

EcoGrate saves you money on fuel costs

Its unique cast iron construction absorbs the heat from the fire and as it is fan assisted it draws in cold floor level air, it then travels through the cast iron manifold and gets super heated which in turn is emitted 6-8 times hotter back into the room space. More so, it helps to keep the room evenly heated so that you don’t even need to sit right beside the fireplace. This EcoGrate is capable of producing a nominal heat output of 4.85 kv which is considered phenomenal heat from an open fireplace. Besides, the intelligent design of the product allows the users to install EcoGrate very easily into their open fires without making any alteration to it.

It comes as a perfect fit for any standard 16″ or larger fireplaces and the best part is that you don’t even need to spend extras on fitting costs or there is no flue liners to be installed and you can even remove the grate when not in use or when cleaning the chimney. However, along with being superbly designed and constructed, this unique appliance is cost-effective too! It halfs solid fuel cost by utilizing the fuel to its utmost capability and as you are burning less fuel CO2 emission are significantly reduced as well. Together, this results into better fuel economy by installing this product. Such tremendous functionality of the EcoGrate has many people talking about it and it won the alternative fuel appliance of the year award at the Hearth & Home Show in the U.K. While ordinary grates burn out quite quickly, EcoGrate comes with a three year warranty on the grate itself, most grates burn out after about a year and with a 5 year warranty on the complete unit, it’s definitely a winner.

So, when you accumulate the best traits of this grate, you find that – it saves you energy and money on fuel costs. It reduces pollution as CO2 emissions are reduced and your making your open fire much more efficient. It comes with easy hassle free installation and will warm your sitting room evenly this winter.