Month: February 2015

EcoGrate A Revolution

Eco Grate… Turning Up The Heat This Winter!

This winter, make your standard fireplace work more efficently and save yourself hundreds of Euro on fuel costs. Don’t let all that expensive heat energy just get sucked up your chimney. EcoGrate is the perfect solution!

EcoGrate is the smart grate that produces up to 4 times more heat from your open fire. Eco Grate will also halve the amount of fuel you’re burning. The cast iron construction simple absorbs the energy from your fire and distributes that heat out into the room. This Irish-made, award winning product, simple fits straight into a standard 16’ fireplace. There are no further additional costs involved such as fitting flue liners or labour costs.

EcoGrate Home Heating ProductA standard open fire will only radiate heat from the fuel you’re burning. Installing an EcoGrate will give you added convected and radiated heat, allowing an entire room to be heated and not just a tiny portion. EcoGrate gives out a nominal heat output of 4.85kW “Phenomenal heat from an open fire!” (Tested by Kiwa-Gastec, UK). Built from quality cast iron, Eco Grate is a superb piece of engineering.

“The EcoGrate has saved me loads of money so far in fuel. I found that because the room heats up so quickly I didn’t need to put as much coal on the fire… and when I did add fuel, it seemed to burn much more efficiently. I love the look of it and you can really feel and see the quality of the product. I would happily recommend the EcoGrate to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective alternative to stoves (the fitting cost of adding a chimney flue alone ruled out stoves right away) and to anyone who is sick and tired of highly in-efficient open fires. Great product!”
Sandra Lyons, Knocknacarra, Galway

“Very good product, love it. Distributes heat all around the room, would recommend in a heartbeat!”
Michelle McDonagh, Merlin, Galway

“I collected my Eco Grate and fitted it straight into my front room fireplace. The difference it made heating the room was amazing. I have comfort now in the evenings after work, relaxing in front of my TV.”
Padraig Burke, Monivea, Galway